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Among the various Google WP security WordPress plugins ‘Better WP security’ ensures complete protection to any site with a host of outstanding features. These plugins are suitable for networks as well as single sites. They ensure protection of file systems and databases from various attacks. Besides detecting the attempts to attack the sites they prevent unauthorized changes on file systems.

The security checker provides tips for fixing the vulnerabilities after performing scanning of the site. They fix the vulnerabilities within seconds and prevent bad user agents as well as harmful bots. For a specific period they can turn-off the provision to log in. These Google WP security WordPress plugins are capable of removing login error messages and Meta Generator tags. They work with Apache, LiteSpeed and NGINX on all hosts and also add strength to server settings.

These plugins can provide better security for WordPress installations from numerous common types of attack and they are among the best plugins available free of cost. When these plugins are used along with WordPress Firewall the website can be protected from hacking. Due to more number of features users are likely to get confused. Hence they must know well how to configure the plugin.

The ‘Better WP security plugins’ can effectively replace Bulletproof Security as well as Limit Login Attempts. They protect WordPress installations from very severe hacking thanks to the much advanced features. ‘Better WP Security 3.4’ is the latest version of this plugin and by way of updating to the latest version users can protect their sites from various types of hacking. The additional features of the latest version include tabbed browsing in order to make navigation for settings easier, memory logging to check the files and ability to change user id.

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