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The internet consists of innumerable image slider plugins that mostly come of use in adding design and style to make the appearance of front pages more appealing, apart from other reasons. At this current juncture, almost every major website makes use of image slider plugins to enhance design and appearance.

In the WordPress platform, the most widely used image slider plugins are Jquery image slider plugins. Image sliders are used for various purposes like creating slideshows, adding fancy templates, image galleries etc. There uses have been substantial for websites, especially for increasing brand value.

The WordPress platform supports many Jquery image sliders, each serving a specific function and at times, multiple functions. Jquery plugins have consistently proved to be extremely user friendly and flexible. Moreover, there are more than a hundred free plugins available in the web. The most popular Jquery image slider plugins are Factory galleries, Coin Slider, Supersized, Slidedeck, LayerSlider, and Saloon.

Amongst these commonly used Jquery plugins, Saloon is the plugin that is most commonly used. Here are a few features of Saloon, a Jquery image slider plugin.

The plugin is mostly used to develop enhanced slider effects. Saloon is a specific type of Jquery image slider banner rotator that is specifically used in order to animate images and moreover, with augmented transition effects. The most essential feature that has made the plugin standout among various other plugins of its type is the speed.

Right from installing the plugin to using it for various purposes, the plugin is associated with high processing speeds. Almost every object on the page that is being created can be equipped with unique style. The sliders can be customized by using HTML and Cascading Style sheets. The simple programming bases that can be used to customize objects on the page have made Saloon one of the most sought after Jquery image slider plugins.

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