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The WordPress Affiliate Platform is a relatively simple plug-in for purposes of recruitment and tracking which can be used on a WordPress site. It allows the user to conduct his/her own programs and provides with the function to suitably reward the fellow associates for their selling activities.

In the administration panel, one can modify the banners and the links which can be used as an effective traffic-attracting tool. All the sales made, clicks generated and payments delivered are monitored by this plug-in. If the user is producing advertisements online for his goods and services, this plug-in can be used to find out the true value of the conversion rates of such programs. This allows the user to save up on his capital investments by getting rid of the campaigns that do not seem to offer any real profit. In brief, this plug-in helps the user achieve the following goals:

  • Initiating the Affiliate Program in a short span of time
  • Keeps a tab on the clicks generated and the conversions made by the visitors which have been redirected to the user’s website via the Affiliates
  • Promotes the user’s brand with his/her own advertisements, banners and links
  • Transfers more traffic from the website of your affiliates to your web page
  •  Increases Revenues by leaps and bounds.

The features of this plug-in are as follows:

  • Easy Installation: Requires very little time and is very easy to use
  • Real time Reporting: All the data and clicks and sales are reported within a fraction of a second. As such, there is no delay.
  • Two-tier structure: It can be easily modified to be used as a two-tiered affiliate program structure
  • Easy Management: Management of all the live data feed is very systematic and lucid in nature
  • Self Managed: The affiliates of the user are able to log into their account and extract all the required details
  • Autoresponder: It can be incorporated into the Autoresponder with ease, allowing affiliates to sign up for your cause and carry out promotional campaigns pertaining to it.

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