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An affiliate program plugin provides with the apt resources to sustain the programs for Affiliate Marketing. The affiliate plug-in offers a system for traders, shopkeepers and sellers who wish to develop their business ventures in an unorthodox manner. Important features include automatic registrations for affiliates, an unprecedented section on affiliate management systems and the advantage of integrating affiliate programs with E-Commerce ventures.

Affiliate Royale is a type of Affiliate program WordPress plug-in. It is basically used to initiate an Affiliate service for one’s goods and develop sales, bring in attention and create traffic. On commencing the Affiliate program with this plug-in, tracking the affiliates and keeping a tab on their progress becomes easy.

Details regarding the sales made and the payment to be delivered at the end of the month are all presented to the user with the help of Affiliate Royale. The affiliates furthermore do not need to travel places and can directly log into the user’s site as it is incorporated in the user’s website. Important features of Affiliate Royale are as follows:

  • It launches the program of the affiliates in a matter of minutes. It is fast and effective transfer of data
  • The monitor keeps a tab on the Affiliates sales made, clicks generated and payments to be delivered. It presents the user with a detailed account of the program being implemented
  • It maintains the user’s brand with his/her personalized banners and links. Promotion of the interests and needs of the user are given primary importance
  • It brings huge amount of traffic from various affiliates into the user’s website. This ensures effective implementation of the program being carried out and also better sales records
  • It helps in increasing the revenue of the website, thus making it self sufficient to carry out more such programs in the future with effective financial costing and planning.

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