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Affiliate Window is not just a tracking solution; it is a dependable source of sales information and enhances the performance of the interface by facilitating close partnerships instead of restricting them. The Afflinker WordPress Plug-in transforms the keywords given into user-friendly and profitable links that visitors fall in love with.

The links displayed on the page are not visible in any search engines as they are created using JavaScript. Thus the risk of getting apprehended in matters of copyright infringement is eradicated. The user can also show a group of affiliate links as a cloud link, similar to the cloud tag visible on the sidebar of the WordPress blog.

The purpose behind the development of this plug-in is to make the user’s blog more profitable and income-generating. This plug-in allows the user to add the list of keywords along with the required links. Afflinker converts all those words into the corresponding links. Customization of the links can also be done to make your link appear snazzy and attractive.

Features of this plug-in are as follows:

  • Efficiently generates revenue for the user’s WordPress blog without taking the assistance of any code.
  • Develop sociable search engine Affiliate links which are hitherto not visible in the respective search engines
  • Provides choices of customization of the links such as- Background color, Hover color, and so on
  • Customizes the font of the links to make it appealing.
  • Customizes the links with various styles of Underlines.
  • Keeps a tab on the number of clicks on the links.
  • Cuts short crass and long Affiliate links into precise and professional ones
  • Restricts certain pages from not showing the links
  • Allows certain pages only to show the links
  • Shows or hides the links on the homepage
  • Can enable or disable the functionalities of the link in a short span of time.

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