Learn How to Create a Blog Using WordPress

Creating a blog can be easy with WordPress. It is the best open source blog tool loaded with features. There is nothing complicated about WordPress and anyone can work with it. Publishing a post is just a few clicks away with WordPress. There are free WordPress themes available on the internet. WordPress is open source platform and is available on the internet. It comes in two forms WordPress.com and WordPress.org. While the former is free, the latter comes at a cost. Money is involved in getting a domain name and hosting procedures also cost money.

WordPress offers a number of features for bloggers that include custom themes, spam protection, spell check, plug-ins, integrated stats tracker, auto-save and more. Follow the below-mentioned step by step procedure to get your blog up and running within no time.

  • Sign up for WordPress with a valid email id
  • To create your free WordPress account enter personal information like username, password, email address and agree to the terms and conditions of the WordPress.
  • Now it is time to create a WordPress blog. Enter a domain name and it will be followed by WordPress.com. The blog name can be changed at your convenience.
  • Select language for the blog
  • Decide whether it has to be public or private.
  • Your blog will be included in search listings like Google and Technorati.
  • Now your account is active and you can go to the log on page.
  • Once you sign up you will be taken to a user dashboard, where you are left with options to change the theme, write posts and modify your profile.
  • Use the dashboard to navigate blog administration pages.
  • Customize the theme and have fun.
  • Widgets can help in customizing the theme. Widgets tab is found under presentation tab.

Learn How to Create a Blog Using WordPress

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