The Definitive Guide to Securing WordPress

Security has always been a concern online and protecting your website or blog from hackers, spammers and bugs that are constantly creating havoc, a prominent security solution is sought out. There is no doubt that WordPress is the most commonly used free hosting blogging solution and that is why it is the most vulnerable. There are many ways to protect your website from unwanted intrusion. Protect your website from possible encroachment and improve the performance of your WordPress blog.

Self hosted WordPress websites need to be secured and the most reliable option would be to stay updated. WordPress provides updates and through this all security issues can be controlled quickly. So whenever you get security update notification do not ignore them.

Your WordPress website information is stored in wp-config.php in the WordPress root directory. Change the secret keys so that your confidential details are secure. There are ways and means to generate random secret keys.

Common setup values need to be changed like the database prefix. It is known to hackers as the basic setup for WordPress is common for all WordPress websites. Change the setup values to avoid hackers causing havoc to your site.

By hiding your WordPress version you can improve the security of your WordPress website. Open WordPress version can give open access to security features on your website. Add the below mentioned code in function.php of your active theme. You can also remove RSS feed.

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remove_action(\’wp_head\’, \’wp_generator\’);

Use security scan plugin to secure WordPress. The plugin can check passwords, database security, file permission and admin protection.

Cut down on failed login attempts. This can be vital when someone is trying to login either manually or through programs.

Never use ‘admin’ as your username or password. Use strong passwords.

Definitive Guide to Securing WordPress

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