How to Use bbPress on WordPress


One of the major projects that hold significant importance in the community of Word Press is bbPress. Founded by Matt Mullenweg, the creator of Word Press, bbPress is a light weight system supporting forum for WordPress.org.

bbPress can be easily installed from the directory of WordPress plug-ins. Installation can be done from WordPress directly with the help of the option that allows the addition of a new plug-in.  Another way is through FTP if one wishes the plug-ins to be uploaded. Once the plug-in is installed all you need to do is activate it, and it’s ready to be used.

There are, however certain settings that need to be noted before you get started. The ‘Settings’ option will let you view several options like ‘Forums’, ‘Replies’, and ‘Topics’. ‘Forums’ is a collection of variety of settings related to the forums, which may include number of topics posted on each page, or the permission to show anonymous posts, etc.

‘Single Slugs’ and ‘Archive’ settings are significant when it comes to forums in bbPress. The URLs of the forums and the posts appearing on it are defined by these. The settings chosen must suit the set-up.

bbPress on WordPress

You can get the maximum out of bbPress, only when you are able to create a forum of your own. All you have to do is go for the option that says ‘New Forum’, in the admin area under ‘Forums’, and a self-explanatory screen will appear in front of you. The only thing that you have to be careful about is the box that appears at the right-hand corner of the screen. This lets you open or close a forum.

On the creation of multiple forums, you can nest and sort them using ‘Parent’ and ‘Order’, options respectively. In simpler words, once you have created a few forums, they will be ready to receive posts from the users.


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