How to Shift Your Website from Weebly to WordPress

At some point, most of the individuals who own a website on Weebly will make a plan to move their website to WordPress. If you are one among those Weebly users willing to move the website, then this step by step guide will fetch you all the required information to achieve it.

Switching your website from Weebly to WordPress requires bit technical knowledge for moving the entire content in a proper way. The flexibility that you have with WordPress will make it a better option for all Weebly users.

Shift Your Website from Weebly to WordPress

Step 1:

The first step in the process is to install a WordPress website and you must see that your site doesn’t go down. When it comes to Weebly, you can get the entire hosting and domain for free but for WordPress, you must select a top notch web hosting provider for hosting your WordPress website.

You must even select a perfect looking theme for your website and you can further utilize the basic theme that comes by default.

Step 2:

Once you confirm that your WordPress has been setup perfectly then you need to start the content migration from Weebly to WordPress. With WordPress, you are provided with an exceptional option that requires the RSS feed URL to transfer the entire content. So, you are better suggested to track the URL of your Weebly RSS Feed.

Step 3:

While your Weebly site comprises ATOM feed, so it’s important for you to convert it into RSS Feed because WordPress accepts only RSS feed file. You can utilize the RSS feed conversions tools such as Devtacular that quickly transforms your Atom feed to RSS feed.

Once you tap on the convert button, you must quickly click on the File or Save As option to store the file on your system. The file should be named as yoursite.xml.

Step 4:

And now after converting, you hold the RSS feed file in your system which can be directly imported into WordPress. To do so, you must reach the Admin Panel, point to Tools and then choose Import option. After tapping on the Import option, you must choose the RSS import option.

Shift Your Website from Weebly to WordPress

Step 5:

In case, if you hold some pages which must be moved to WordPress, then it must be done in a manual way. If you have more than 25 pages, then making use of the HTML Import plugin would be a worthy option.

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