How to Sell Digital Products on WordPress

A great way to generate revenue from your wordpress site is by selling digital media that either you or someone you know personally owns. Selling digital media online can be highly profitable for photographers, content writers, music composers and so on.

Setting up a store to sell digital media alone is quite simple; all that you will ever require is a perfect plugin that enables you to operate flawlessly.  A simple search on the plugins directory for such plugins should yield plenty of results, the one we have chosen here is the sell digital downloads, since it exclusively supports only digital products.

Now here are the steps to set your shop and get it running. Once you’re downloaded the plugin, go the Admin area of your wordpress site and upload the plugin in to your site. This step is pretty simple and you should be able to figure it out easily. Now once the plugin is uploaded into the site, you will find it on the menu bar on the dashboard, click on it.

Sell Digital Products

Before you can add new products or start selling, go to the settings page and sort out some initial settings that are essential. Like, first setup your PayPal account and enter all the required information required for transaction of money.

Once you’re done setup the pages that have to be displayed after each operation, like setup a different page for transaction error, thanks page, and download page. This should get your site ready for handling customers. Now, all you have to do is start uploading your products and start selling them.

Click on the ‘Products’ tab on the menu bar and click ‘add new’. Here you can upload products, set the prices for products, create directories and lots more. Just give a name, description and price and you’re all set to start selling.

Sell Digital Products on WordPress

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