How to add Events to WordPress Calendar

Plenty of wordpress templates feature an already inbuilt calendar plugin, but the only problem is they don’t exactly allow users to add events and display them on the site or the text blog. To be able to do this, you would require a plugin that allows you to add events to the calendar and display them in line with the text or as a separate post.

Since there are literally hundreds of plugins that will enable you to add events, you should have no trouble finding one. Here we have used the Ajax event Calendar plugin to describe the steps to add the event calendar. First download the plugin from the plugin directory and install it on to your wordpress dashboard.

This can be done by accessing the WordPress admin panel and clicking on the plugins page and uploading the plugin manually. Once the plugin is installed you should be able to see a new Calendar option added to your wordpress dashboard.

Click on it to enter the settings panel. A number of options would have been already enabled and it’s better to leave them as they are, if you’re only beginning to use widgets. The common options include the type in which the event has to be displayed, the format of the date to be displayed and so on as shown below.

add Events to WordPress Calendar

Once you’re done with the options, click on the calendar to add a new event to it. The administrative panel display of the calendar will be visible, here all you have to do is click on the date of the event and enter the values such as name, description and place of the event.

To add the calendar to page post, just use the shortcode [calendar], and the events calendar will be automatically imputed into your post.

Events to WordPress Calendar

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