How to Modify the Category Name in WordPress

Having an organized website will ensure that your readers will stay for a longer time on your website as they can easily access the content they require. This is the main reason behind WordPress offering categories and tags feature to its users.

With increase in traffic to your website, at some point you think to modify the name of the categories or mix them up with other popular categories on the website.

This tutorial will quickly provide you the information using which you can modify your categories name without affecting the SEO strategies. WordPress provides you with a striking management area and you can find it in the Posts under which you can access the Categories option.

Modify the Category Name in WordPress

On this page, you can administer the WordPress categories and other existing categories and you can even remove the unwanted categories.

Modify the Category Name in WordPress

WordPress provides you with different ways to rename the categories and one such way is the Quick Edit Way. In this quick edit way, you can easily alter the name of your category and slug but in case if you like to insert a description then you can directly tap on the Edit option and make changes from there.

On successful tapping, you can even alter the category name and its description. You can even merge all the categories and tags to make them into one.

Modify the Category Name in WordPress

The most vital thing that you must remember is while changing the category slug you must even alter the category URL. If you are using the available URL in WordPress menu, then the link that you have in the menu will not get updated by itself.

So you must manually update the link. Upon renaming the WordPress category, you need to give a proper redirection for your search engines and visitors, in case if there’s a problem in accessing the category.

By doing so, you can properly direct your visitors to the appropriate category URL. With the feature category base, you are allowed to alter the names of category or prefix in the category URLs. To change it, you must reach to Settings and then point to Permalinks and scroll down to Optional.

Modify the Category Name in WordPress

Using proper and high density keywords in category names will improve the ranking of your website on Google. On making proper adjustments, you can even allow your visitors to properly navigate through the content placed on your website.

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