How to Get Rid of the WordPress Visual Editor

WordPress provides you a striking feature called Visual Editor that makes the area where you edit or add posts look similar to simple and plain Microsoft Word. Though it makes writing bit easier, the main issue comes when it alters the formatting of your content.

In a fraction of seconds, when you shift from visual mode to HTML mode and returning back to the same mode can show lot of changes in formatting.

Get Rid of the WordPress Visual Editor

The visual editor feature allows you to edit the posts in an easier way and it’s mainly helpful for individuals who are not good at coding part. At times, you might plan to remove the visual editor from your WordPress because it changes the style in which you want to display your posts.

The below cited are few reasons why most of them prefer to remove the option of using visual editor for creating new posts.

If you want to add some code snippet to your theme coding by opening the Text editor mode but accidentally you end up pasting it in the Visual Editor. By doing so, the entire thing gets stripped out.

The other external plugins that you have installed prior on your WordPress may fail to support the Visual editor and effect its functionality.

Sometimes, as a user you don’t like to utilize the Visual Editor mode.

This tutorial will provide you the entire information that helps you in getting rid of the WordPress Visual Editor.

Your ultimate goal is to see yourself automatically in a HTML mode whenever you login into your WordPress website by furnishing your user credentials. To do so, you must first login and access the WordPress administration panel.

After this, you must point to the Users and open Your Profile. On reaching here, you will see something displayed like this in the below image.

Get Rid of the WordPress Visual Editor

Once check out this option, you need to worry about the formatting errors that you see in the WordPress. While executing this process, you may worry that you need to furnish certain things in HTML, but it’s really not required if you follow it. However you can see a bar that helps you in editing the posts and this option is only for the WordPress users like you who have good knowledge of the HTML.

The view of the editor page without Visual Editor would look like something depicted in the image below.

Get Rid of the WordPress Visual Editor

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