How to Get a Drop Down Menu On My WordPress Blog

Dropdown menus add a really nice touch to the look and functionality of any webpage. And since WordPress has become so popular and is so easy to use, people all over the world have put up websites of their own, catering to certain needs. But there are a few WordPress themes that may not support dropdown menus. But if you really want this feature, then here are a few basic steps that will help you to achieve what you want.

You first start off by adding a third item in the menu. You need to first go to the admin dashboard, and from there, go to the caption called Page, and click on Add New. After you have done so, add some content and give a title. Then in the Page Attributes section, set the Parent option to no parent. Then publish the page created.

By keeping the No Parent option selected, you create a menu item which is new. Now, the normal and more common way is that, the items get displayed in alphabetical order. But you can obviously change the order and set it to your own preferences. But the default way is to appear in alphabetical order.

Get a Drop Down Menu

After you have done all this, here is how you create a drop down menu. The method employed here is the same as the above, just with a basic simple difference. While you choose the Parent, you choose the Sample Page option. When you mouse over the Sample Page, you get to see all pages created at the second level. And when you want to add more pages, you just keep repeating the process, and just keep in mind to choose the proper parent each time. So now you have a multi-level dropdown menu. Here are a few images to help you out.

How to Get a Drop Down Menu On My WordPress Blog

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