How to Create Custom Archive Page in WordPress

You have a WordPress site, and there are scores of customisation and add ons that you might want to get done. There are many who need a custom archive page, but do not know the right way to go about it. So here are a few basic steps that you can follow and get what you want for your WordPress page.

The first and foremost step to getting a custom archive page is to create a new page template for the archives page. This can be done by opening the file in the text editor, and naming it page-archive.php. After you have achieved this, here is a code that needs to be pasted at the top.

Create Custom Archive Page in WordPress

After getting the template all set up, you need to add the page. This can be started off by going to the admin panel, and adding a new page. Click on Pages, and then click on New. Name this page Archives. After you have done this, you will notice that there are many meta boxes which are located on the right hand side of the computer screen, right below the publish button. Here, you will find a meta box which will be named Page Attributes. Click on this, and a drop down menu will appear. Choosing the page template as Archive, you just simply need to Save and Publish the page.

After you have followed through with all these steps, you will have your Archives page. Now all that is left to do is to add content, and this can be done just as easily. Say, in the case of adding monthly archives to the custom page, here are a few codes that need to be entered. And all this you have to do by using a basic plugin called Compact Plugin, which is a very handy tool.

How to Create Custom Archive Page in WordPress

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