How to Disable Comments Notification on WordPress

WordPress provides strong ability for its site admins and assists them in receiving email notifications whenever a new comment is posted on the blog post that you they have uploaded.

At times, with huge number of comments notifications falling in their inbox can annoy your site administrators. Though every comment received for your blog posts must be moderated before it is displayed below your post. In such case you think it’s a wise decision to shut off your comment notifications in WordPress and it can be done in a pretty simple way if you follow this tutorial.

By default, the comment notifications feature is enabled on your WordPress website. To turn it off, you must first access the WordPress dashboard by providing valid credentials and then you must reach the WordPress Dashboard. From there, you must point to Settings and then reach the option named Discussion.

Under Discussion, look at the box that says ‘E-mail me whenever’ and uncheck it. By doing this you can shut off all the new comment notifications that you receive.

Turn Off Comments Notification in WordPress

Here are few WordPress plugins relevant to comment notifications:

Custom Comment Notifications:

With this plugin, you can configure the comment email notifications that you receive in your inbox. You can customize the email by reducing the content that is to be placed in it. A separate email template can be used for sending comment notifications to authors and moderators.

Custom Comment Notifications

Post Comment Notification:

This plugin helps in notifying all other users assigned with different roles that a new comment or new posts is uploaded or posted to the website. The notifications are sent to all users except the main administrator.

Kau-Boy’s Comment Notification:

This Kau-Boy’s Comment Notification WordPress plugin will quickly enable the blog administrators to modify or manage all the incoming comments and notifications related to the comments.  The notifications that are received will be limited only to the site administrators.

This plugin can be even used to subscribe the RSS feed that comprises several comments which are to be modified. If the comment included in your RSS feed is marked as spam, then it will not appear in your RSS feed.

Kau-Boy's Comment Notification

Change Comment Notify Email:

Change Comment Notify Email, this plugin quickly allows the site administrators to trace the country where the user is placing the comment and this can be found directly from the comment notification email.

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