How to Create Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

There are several WordPress plugins available for marketing purposes today. One of these is the Newsletter plugin. It gives you the facility to add mail marketing to your website or blog. It is completely free and enables you to to add a real newsletter to your website. It has a few professional extensions available as well for improved functionality.

Some of its Amazing Features Include:

  • Facility to have unlimited subscribers and unlimited newsletters.
  • Availability of a privacy check box.
  • It has a visual editor with several different themes.
  • It can open and click tracking.
  • It has the facility to track subscriber’s preferences. This helps to segment the subscribers better and target newsletters.
  • It offers a subscription widget which can be placed on your sidebar.
  • Profile fields and subscription form are configurable.
  • The facility of double and single opt-in.
  • Documentation is absolutely free.
  • For easy system tests, there is a diagnostic panel available as well.
  • All messages can be translated from administrative panels.

It is extensible with modules such as Facebook, Reports, Feed by Mail and Follow Up.

The Features that can be Extended Include:

  • A one click subscription for facebook with the Facebook Professional Extension. It allows users with a facebook account to subscribe with just a click. The initial step requires the creation of a facebook app.

Newsletter plugin

  • Facility to send follow up emails with the Follow Up Professional Extension.

Newsletter plugin

  • Statistic reports are available with the Reports professional extension. It allows you to take the following actions:
    • Know the number of subscribers who open and or click the links in the sent mail.
    • Subscriber interaction in time.
    • World map click reader distribution.
    • Gender segmentation for each link.
    • Percentages of the clicked links.

Newsletter plugin

  • The SendGrid Extension allows integrating SendGrid SMTP and bouncing detection.
  • Availability of generation and generation of automated newsletter. This requires the feed by mail professional extension.

Newsletter plugin

  • Mailjet integration with the Mailjet Professional Extension. It provides SMTP and bouncing services. You can send emails from your newsletter plugin overcoming provider limitations over email service. Configuring the mailjet module includes API key and a couple of other parameters for the SMTP connection.

Newsletter plugin

  • A pop-up extension which can be extended with themes with the Pop Up Extension. You can choose when to show the popup as well as setup a delay.

Newsletter plugin

To install this plugin, follow these steps:

  1. First, bring the plugin’s folder into the [wordpress_dir]/wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin from your WordPress admin interface.
  3. Configure the plugin from the option page.



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