How to Create a User Registration Form in WordPress

Many bloggers, like you, find it necessary to be able to interact with their followers. This can be made possible by the creation of registration forms. This form allows your followers to submit their information which is later screened to make sure that you do not receive any spam. Cformsll can be used to create various kinds of forms including your registration form. It makes your task much easier by providing you with easy and necessary options.

For creating a new registration form you can go to your WordPress blog and then select “Plugins” followed by “Add New” from the sub menu.

Create a User Registration Form

You will have to click the “Upload” link on the “Install Plugin” page. Followed by this you shall have to select the “Choose File” option and browse for the plugin you have downloaded earlier and then click on “Install Now”. Now you will be able to see new menus on the concerned site that will have options like “form Settings”, “Global Settings”, “Styling” and “Help”.

How to Create a User Registration Form in WordPress

The plugin comes with one template of a form that can always be customized to serve your needs. It allows you to edit the name and type of each field of the form. However it is necessary that you have already noted how many fields you require on the form and preferably the function of each one. On the right side of the button there is an “Admin Actions” pane that allows you to make the necessary changes and update the settings by clicking the “Update Settings” option.

The easiest way to do it is by selecting the “Input Field Settings”, through which you can modify each form field. Cformsll supports the use of checkboxes, radio boxes and a combination of either one of them with text. The “Admin Actions” allow you to create multiple registration forms by using “Add New Form” or “Duplicate Current Form” options.

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