How to Convert an HTML Template into a WordPress Theme

Being used on about 25% of the billion websites online, WordPress is now one of the most used platforms for blogging. WordPress can function not only as a blog but also as system that manages content that has a high compatibility rate with HTML.

Before you begin, it is very important that you have WordPress already installed on your device. You can get it for free from WordPress.org. The creation of the theme is the simplest when done on local files. The primary requirement is a folder, which should be created within the WordPress directory. The process is very simple and similar to how a new directory is created, with a suitable name for the theme.

Convert HTML Template to WordPress Theme

The style sheet is what you should generally start with, as it provides information regarding the theme, which will be later used in the panel dealing with administration. You are then required to take an HTML file, say style.html, which is to be added in the comment block. This piece of information is read by WordPress, and then presented in the administration interface, on the theme selection screen. Content for every item has to be inserted. The distributive themes are usually more popular. If one, however, wishes to use a theme on their personal site, the value is more like to degrade.

Themes with similar names can lead to problems. Therefore, it should be strictly kept in mind that the name of the new theme should not match with any of the themes that have been installed earlier. Another option that is available lets you add a number to the version of your theme. In case of an HTML file that is already existing, copying and pasting, the information about the style, into the new file from the source template becomes easier.

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