How to Change Your WordPress Admin Username

Your WordPress account by default will be set up as Admin in the username section. However, if someone was to come up with an evil plan to hack into your account, all they would need to do is decode your password since Admin is the default user name. To strengthen the security of your account, changing your username from Admin to something of your choice is highly recommended.

WordPress Admin Username

There is a simple way to change your username in WordPress.

Log into your WordPress account

Select Add new in the Users section

Enter the necessary information for your new account

However, while entering the details, certain things need to be kept in mind

A different E-Mail ID needs to be used than the one which you have set for your Admin username

Ensure that you select Administrator as the role

Choose your new username in such a manner so that it does not    coincide with the name you would use publicly in your blogs

Choose a password that would be hard to decipher and at the same time get away by guessing randomly at. You can combine uppercase and lowercase numbers, symbols and letters

Admin Username

Next, select the Add User button

Log out of your account

Log into your account again, now using your new username

Select Users in the Users dropdown list

Place your cursor over the Admin column. You will see options for Edit and Delete. Click on Delete

Click on Attribute all Posts and Links to and then choose your new username from the Dropdown list. Doing this will ensure that your posts don’t get deleted

Select the Confirm Deletion  option

Thus your administration username would have been changed successfully and all the blogs that were created with the default username are now reassigned to your new username.

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