How to Add Video Lightbox to WordPress

Are the websites looking bland without the videos included within the pages! WordPress Video Lightbox is one such tool for the professionals, allowing them to embed video links to their pages. High end interactivity is guaranteed with this plugin after being installed.

WordPress Video Lightbox comes forth with seamless installation options and can also feature images and flashes alongside the content. Be it the YouTube or Vimeo, video displays across multiple domains are supported with this plugin.

The embedding process is extremely simple with the shortcode options being available within the posts. While the installations and features may vary across different media platforms, several configurable options are there to choose from.

Installation and Activation

This utilitarian plugin needs to be uploaded to the plugin directory via the efficient Uploader after being extracted out of the .Zip file. The Add New tab needs to be accessed for uploading this program for the professionals and the installation needs to be initiated. Once installed, all the features can be unlocked on clicking the Activate tab.

Customizing this plugin comes as an extremely rewarding option as photo libraries and animation rates can be varied according to the preferences. One can access the settings menu by searching for the included option and associated features.

WordPress Video Lightbox

Extended Features and Support

Once installed and activated, the next phase defines the specialization of this plugin. The users can select their desired preferences from the Settings Menu which include animations and Autoplaying options alongside varying opacity and resizable contours.

Both YouTube and Vimeo videos can be embedded with the approach being different for each. The process involves replacing the existing video_id with the Vimeo or YouTube video id following usable shortcodes.

The concerned video shows up in the lightbox when the user clicks on the associated anchor text or the image.  Dimensions and parameters can be controlled on using the resizing options.

WP Video Lightbox

Basic installations and video inclusions are supported alongside cross browser compatibility and multiple keyboard shortcuts. The Settings Tab can be exceptionally handy as height and width changes are included alongside Deeplinking options.

Multiple themes and styling options can be selected for the lightbox window while making room for horizontal padding and counter separator labels.

Embrace an extensive collection of features provided by this WordPress Video Lightbox plugin, which brings in multiple videos and images into the scheme of things, thus enhancing the page traffic and website content richness.

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