How to Add QR codes in WordPress

The utility of the QR codes shall never be undermined as these make for seamless page navigations while enabling quick  access to multiple URLs and other associated texts. QR Code Generator is a highly efficient plugin which sets up the required hierarchy for toggling between pages and can provide effective site recommendations while taking up minimum space.

Plugin Installation and Usage

The installation process is extremely lucid and starts off with the program extraction from the .zip file. The QR plugin generated needs to be uploaded via the user domain and the Install button needs to be clicked. Once installed the features need to be unlocked on activating the plugin for an extended use.

QR codes

Following the seamless installation, the users can add responsive shortcodes for generating QR codes while including the URL of the concerned website. Settings tab can be of great use as it provides multiple options to the professionals for changing the look and embedded links associated with the QR codes. Other additions which come in handy are size and class inclusions while shadows can also be implemented alongside the codes. Reconfiguring and adjusting the codes is an easy alternative following simple size and credit arrangements. Additional parameters need not be defined with this utilitarian plugin and simple embedding is guaranteed on including this within the website. Redundant codes can also be easily deactivated while including the ‘False’ flag.

Extended Support

The resourcefulness of the QR Code Generator goes beyond the simple installations and embedded links. While being extremely useful, this plugin is compatible with the recent WordPress versions. Border boxes can be selected by making the best use of the Settings menu which includes essential styling options and shadows within. PHP coding schemes are included while this plugin, and this provides for the perfect use of Google Chart Tools for creating exquisite microsites.

QR codes plugin

Adding the Content

While making use of the preferred shortcode, the user needs to add the content which requires encryption while defining the parameters and sizes in advance. Mobile interactivity is allowed as these Quick Response Codes can be used for conveying the necessary information and achieving high end social interactivity.

These QR codes can be effectively used by the entrepreneurs for showcasing discounts and exclusive offers for enhancing the eMarketing response. Ascertain these high end features while scaling the dimensions accordingly with the QR Code Generator plugin, which provides an added response and high end interactivity for creating utilitarian websites with multiple navigating options followed by URL and text support.

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