How to Add Paywall to Your WordPress Website

In recent times, Paywalls has played a great role in the success of some leading websites and helped few companies to gain huge confidence during their struggle times. The Paywalls has created several new options for all the small publishers and helped them share their extensive knowledge in the relevant niche or domain.

Most of the small publishers have started relying on advertising the products to show their importance in the market. However with the increased demand to quality content, several popular publishers started making Paywalls as a perfect option to enhance their brand value in the market.

Before choosing a specific type of Paywall from the different Paywalls, you are suggested to consider multiple factors such as the frequency time of publishing, overall size of the content, lifespan of the content that you upload to the website, targeted audience, familiarity of your website or your fame in the industry.

Different Types of PayWalls:


In this model, a specific value is given to the content for national or international readers and each reader must pay certain amount to the website in order to view the entire content. This model works better with content that comprises of essays, videos of long length and audio files that are quoted as high rated content.

The value assigned to content is dependent on the fame of author and the quality or standards at which the content is written. The rate can be set high even if the content that you share adds some financial benefits to your readers.

Fixed-Time Pass:

The Fixed-time pass method gives access to the entire content repository a limited amount of time which may range between 0 days to 30 days. It’s pretty useful for the reader who is on the course of researching information and has no intention of subscribing to the content.

This method can be effective on the generic website that are on a spree of making readers to subscribe with their website via traditional subscription.


Of course, subscription is one better method to help the website gain more familiarity in the online market. Usually subscription option is available on the website that share content of great worth to the readers.

Metered Paywall:

It’s a latest model that became popular among the large publishers. This Metered Paywall will permit your readers to access certain number of articles for a specific period of time and readers must purchase it before the subscription date ends.

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