How to Eliminate Numbers from URLs in WordPress

WordPress, the powerful Content Management System will utilize post Ids instead of using the text in the URL. As per the SEO strategies, the search engine will detect the links that are relevant to your keywords. Sometimes, when you place the similar title for your post, it gets represented by adding -2 number at the end of the title.

WordPress offers excellent support to SEO and you can even change your URL structure form by accessing the Settings option and then pointing to Permalinks.

How to Change Permalinks in WordPress?

There are different ways available for you to select a URL structure. But the most preferred option is selecting a URL structure that depicts only the title of your posts in the URL because search engines can discover your website by crawling the post titles.

Once you are done with the changes in setting up the permalinks the way you like, you must immediately save the changes made.

Permalink URL Structure

WordPress by default changes the URLs pertaining to all your WordPress posts that are already available on the website. Even in case of old URLs, the WordPress will direct your visitors to the new URLs.

What is a URL Slug and Custom Slug?

Though you are utilizing the Pretty Permalinks for time being, you may still encounter and want to remove the number from your WordPress Post URL. The main thing to remember is to choose a text to display in place of post’s title when there is no title.

By default, your WordPress will utilize the Post’s ID as the URL if you don’t have the actual title of your post. You can say to WordPress that what must be used instead of post ID.

A bar presents just below the post title wherein you can find an Edit button that helps in modifying the permalink of post URL. The part that is meant for editing is called post-slug. You can enter your desired text in the post slug that will depict as your main URL.

Custom Slug

Duplicate Posts and Pages:

In some extreme cases, even if you modify your custom slug, still the -2 number will appear in your URL. This issue can’t be fixed when you use the slug that is already available in your WordPress repository.

You must check all the existing posts and see that there no other posts with the same slug if you find any, you can delete it because two posts with similar slug can’t be active on the website.

All the above three techniques work fine for all categories and tags that you have on your WordPress.

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