How to Add a Custom Background to WordPress

WordPress is a great way of building a website and provides you with many options and features to customize your website according to your liking. Some of the features and options maybe exclusive to certain themes or templates but most of these options can be accessed for all WordPress websites. One of such options is adding a custom background to your website and here is how you can go about doing it.

WordPress 3.0 and later versions come with an option called ‘Wordpress custom background’ that lets you choose a color or a custom image to set as your background. This option may come inbuilt in some themes but you can add it easily if your theme doesn’t come with it.

Go to the Dashboard. From there select ‘Appearance’ and from the options that are displayed choose ‘Background’. On the right side of the page you will be able to find the Theme Functions Template (it will be in a file called function.php). This template coding will appear in the middle of the page when you click on it.

Add the following line to the function.php file




Go back to ‘Appearance’ and you will be able to find an option for Custom Backgrounds.

Wordpress custrom background Add

It will display your current background with options for changing its positions and how you want the repeat function to display the background. You can also choose to put your background as a scrolling or a fixed image and change the color. Below these options there will be another option that gives you the ability to upload a custom image that you want as your background.

Upload the image of your choice and save the changes. And just as easy as that, you can have your image as the custom background for your WordPress website.

custom background WordPress

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