How to add Background Music to WordPress

Adding music to the background of a website has never been the most favored option for web users, but that’s only because inappropriate music that’s played on the background just for the sake of it tends to annoy the users. But when you have an audio that has relation to the content of the website, then you have more than enough reason to add it to the background.

Adding music to the background of the website is pretty much a straightforward step. You have two ways to add music your website, either you can choose to just publish a simple download link or try embedding an interactive video player. Here we will see how we can add music to the background using the interactive media player option.

Essentially you would first require a plugin to enable music to be played on the background of your wordpress site. Even though there are other methods, the simplest would be by use of plugins. There are plenty of plugins available at the store which you can make use of to add music to the background, one of the most effective plugin that will make your job easier is the Audio tube plugin. Just download it from the plugin directory and install it on to your wordpress dashboard.

You can find it on the left hand navigational sidebar of the dashboard, click on it to see the options. A page should appear as shown below; enable the required check boxes to get started. The checked- while theme- box indicates that the music added will be played whenever the website is started.

Background Music

Since wordpress site users have restriction on bandwidth usage, it would be a bad idea to upload music direct through the media library and host music files directly as this will instantly consume daily bandwidth limit. The simple way to overcome this problem would be to host the audio using a web media hosting service as YouTube and posting the link on the plugin as shown.

add Background Music to WordPress

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