How to Add Ajax to WordPress

Ajax or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is an effective coding language that is becoming very popular among blog site owners. With Ajax you can make your website completely responsive and make them work under any situation. Ajax also powers your plugins and makes them work as they should without any errors. With Ajax coded into your plugins, the user, when he activates the interface, will receive no delays in receiving the information, such as scrolling through Google maps, instead of reloading it every time.

So here are the steps to add Ajax into WordPress and unleash the power of the web into your blog site.Now the first thing you need to get going with Ajax is a simple HTML code. Since we are trying out an example here, it can be as a ‘Hello World’ kind of HTML code. Now once this is done, go to the dashboard and from appearance>Editor sub-panel and find the theme code for your template. Add this HTML code into it. Now we need to make a JavaScript to respond to our Ajax calls, and this should also be added into your template code, but should be kept under a new folder named scripts in your chosen theme.

The JavaScript path should look like wp-content/themes/name-of-your-theme/scripts/ajax-implementation.js. Now to add the JavaScript in to your code, place the following code block to your functions.php file.

Add ajax to WordPress

Now, this code will create a function that holds up the wp_enqueue_script function. The add action will be used to initiate the code in CMS. Now once this is done, we can add the Ajax call to the function, remember this has to be added also to the functions.php file.

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