How to Add Affiliate Banner and Links to WordPress

Though most WordPress sites are used to express ideas and discuss about new topics and stuff, they can also be utilized as platform for advertising new products or services. To add an affiliate banner, find a hot program and get the link and image of the affiliate, after that follow the steps given.

Now here is what you have to do: First log on to your dashboard of the website by adding /wp-login to the end of the URL of the website. On the dashboard page, look at the left column and find the appearance tab and click on it. A drop down menu will open. Now click on the Editors tab to access the coding of the site.

affiliate banner links

Now on the editor page you can see a lot options and codes on the main column, don’t get dizzy or don’t disturb those codes either. Just look to your right and you will find a column that will enable you to navigate to the various parts of the site. Find the sidebar title and click on it, here you will be able to see the code of the side bar.

affiliate banner ad

Find the code below ‘class sidebar’, the code should    be something like that of the image shown above. Here is where you need to enter your affiliate code and image link for the affiliate code. Replace the code or the reference URL right next to the ahref command and replace it with your hosts URL. After that add the image provided by the affiliate host, by copying the image location and pasting next to the imgsrc command. Once this is done, go to the bottom of the page and click update. Your affiliate banner and link should appear on the sidebars as you had edited.

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