How Do I Add a Custom Field to WordPress

The most basic query first, what is a custom field? A custom field is essentially piece of data added to a post like thumbnails, images, source links and so on. Custom fields essentially give you a certain degree of flexibility by personalizing particular posts. This is often called as meta-data.

The process to adding a custom field is fairly simple. After you have written your post, scroll down to the Custom Fields tab. In some versions of WordPress the Customs Field button is hidden. In case you are unable to find the tab, check the Custom Fields in the Screen Options Tab (found on the right hand corner).

The fields have two components – the key and a value. The key is a name which identifies the specific field and which can be used multiple times in one post. The value is the information that is displayed for the field and can be changed for every post.

Custom Field to WordPress

As an illustration, let’s assume that you want a thumbnail to your post. Under the head key, write “Thumbnail” and under the head value, attach the desired thumbnail. Another example is to include the song you are listening to at the particular moment. Under the head key, write “Listening to” and under the value head mention the name of the song. Ensure to click Add Custom Field to save the information to that post.

To display the custom field in your post, a tag must be put within the loop to work. Use the “the_meta ( )” template tag to do the same.

Custom fields are often referred to as arbitrary information however they are very powerful in grabbing a reader’s attention.

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