How to Build an E-Commerce Website Using WordPress

WordPress is the ideal platform to create a store that has an online store’s functionalities in it. The best part about using WordPress for an e-Commerce website, is that it’s free and is easy to use.

A suggestion before starting off is to set up WordPress on a local host as it fastens the process of development. The first step would be to install the WordPress e-Commerce plugin from the repository or from the website. Once you activate the same, it can be found under the tab Products below the comments tab.

Next step is to change the settings of your online store. Under the Settings tab, you can change your location, target markets, currency, additional tax and other relevant details. The plugin also has a presentation tab that helps you dress up your store and modify the layout. The most interesting setting is the shopping cart setting which shall be used extensively on your website.

E-Commerce Website Using WordPress

The WordPress e-Commerce plugin has a built in support for ShipWire which is an order fulfillment company for vendors. The plugin provides you with options for payment also – either Paypal, manual payment or Google check out. The last step is to set up the checkout form which permits you to put a clamp on purchases unless the user is registered.

With this the only step left to having a functional website is for you to add products. For this go to the Products tab and add categories and sub-categories of the merchandise you wish to sell. You can add descriptions and other details for each of the products. After finalizing the products, the only thing left is to add widgets like product groups and shopping carts.

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