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One thing that you should never ever be casual about is the security of your WordPress site. Security scanners do what they are named after- they run a quick security scan of your each post and comment and other such databases for anything suspicious that might endanger the security of your website and present you with a list of all that might be potentially dangerous.

Exploit Scanner” is one of the most downloaded WordPress security scanner plugins. Easy to install, exploit scanner is compatible with version 3.4.1 and requires 3.3 or higher. The most important feature you should check while looking for an appropriate security scanner is that it is regularly updated.

Exploit scanner is one of the most frequently updated security scanner plugins available. The best part is that it is updated according to the needs and problems of the users. So if you have a problem, you’ll find a problem-free and updated version of the plug-in in your inbox pretty soon. Besides great developer support and regular updates, exploit scanner earns a brownie point on one more account.

Upon coming across anything suspicious, it does not delete it automatically even though the detected threat level might be severe. It gives you the list with the threats classified according to their potential and lets you delete whatever you think is dangerous. This way it overcomes the problem of new harmless codes being deleted merely because they have not been fed into the plugin database.

A minus point is that it takes quite a lot of memory space and time while scanning. So unless your server is in its minimum traffic and idle phase, do not start the all files scan.

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