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WordPress is no longer just a blog space. A good WordPress site allows third parties to post, edit and comment. However, with this great feature comes the risk of letting go of your website’s defenses. WordPress is, in fact, one of the most vulnerable platform because of the many features it provides. A proper security scan plugin if regularly updated and personalized according to one’s needs will, however, minimize such threats.

WP Security Scan plugin is one of the best security scan WordPress plugins that are available today. With its download stats steadily increasing, it is soon to be declared the undisputed champion of all security scanners. Compatible up to version 3.3.2, it is user friendly and regularly updated to suit user needs. The basic feature of WP Security Scan plugin is that it searches your WordPress databases and looks for vulnerabilities and suggests appropriate actions to the user which includes changing the password, granting or renewing file permissions etc. It automatically strengthens database security, gives the option of version hiding and removes WordPress generated META tag from the core code, after seeking the user’s permission, of course. The paid version of the plugin provides for wonderful features like efficient recovery of deleted files etc.

However, this plugin, popular as it is, is certainly not flawless. WP security scan should be activated if you want features like hiding the version, handling DB errors, hiding WP ID META tag from HTML result to function. The second minus point is that it does not work with multi-sites. Problems with renaming the table fields in the WordPress database have also been reported. The next update is however, purported to remove all these flaws.

Even with all the flaws, it remains to be the most trusted and downloaded security scan plugins available in the market.

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