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20 Best WordPress Related Posts Plugins

The best way to increase your overall page views and make your newly landed visitors stay for a longer time on your website, install a Best WordPress Related Posts Plugins. Actually, by showing the related posts underneath any article, you can help out your visitors to explore more content and gather more information on the related topic.

By displaying, the related posts in the form of links or thumbnail images will generate some extra page views and impressions for your website.  These wp related posts plugins will further enhance your revenue by reducing the bounce rate of your site.

Without looking further, navigate through the below post and pick up the best plugin that displays all the relevant posts on your website in a stylish manner.

Best WordPress Related Posts Plugin

WordPress Related Posts Plugin

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To have a better interaction with all your visitors, try adding the Related Posts in the footer of your article. With the availability of this WordPress Related Posts plugin, users need not manually add the post titles, instead of the plugin automatically grabs few from the website and places it below the article. Just install and activate the plugin to enhance your internal traffic by 10%.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

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This Yet Another Related Posts Plugin makes use of an efficient algorithm to depict a list of relevant entries for a specific post present on your website. This plugin can be used for reducing the site’s bounce rate by a huge margin as the site displays all relevant custom posts required for the visitor at one place.

nrelate Related Content

nrelate Related Content Plugin

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This plugin will display your related posts either in thumbnails or text format on all your web pages. This plugin will analyze the entire website and depicts all the other related posts available on your blog or website. From the options page, the site users can even fine-tune the appearance of all your related posts.

Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts Plugin

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This powerful and dynamic WordPress plugin will depict a list of related posts underneath every article that gets uploaded to your website. To keep your visitors interested, install this Contextual Related Posts plugin. By showing related posts on your website, you can restrict your visitors from leaving the website which in turn reduces the overall bounce rate of your website.

MicroKids Related Posts

MicroKids Related Posts Plugin

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This outstanding WordPress plugin will help users in manually selecting the related posts from your entire content uploaded to the website. As a site administrator, you can pinpoint the respective posts that meet your current post requirements and the selection can be made from the write/edit post screen. Creating related posts system will improve the page views of every unique visitor visiting your site.


Outbrain Plugin

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Once on successful installation, the Outbrain will automatically analyze the entire website and grabs the best content from it to place it in the footer part of your content or article. Through the plugin’s reporting system, you can help all the visitors to know the best articles that have received high ratings and more click-throughs.

IGIT Related Posts

IGIT Related Posts Plugin

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With this IGIT Related Posts plugin, users can add a widget automatically underneath every post to depict all the related posts.

The Ajax-powered Admin Options will let users enter the number of posts that must be displayed under the related posts category and with some special options, users can even adjust the height and width of the thumbnails.

WP Thumbie

WP Thumbie Plugin

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This plugin by default grabs all the similar posts along with their thumbnail images and displays those posts below the current post.

It allows the users to add a different styling for each thumbnail related post and from the settings panel, even the height and width of the thumbnail image can be adjusted. Users can further confine displaying some thumbnail related posts on few pages.

Related Posts Slider

Related Posts Slider Plugin

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This Related Posts Slider will create an attractive slider to display all the relevant posts from your WordPress powered website or blog.

This slider can be positioned at any place on the website either through a ready shortcode or widget. This translation ready plugin will come with an inbuilt algorithm that gathers all the posts which are to be placed on the slider.

Related Posts

Related Posts Plugin

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With just a few tabs, set up this WordPress plugin for your website which automatically creates links at the bottom of every post that gets directed to various relevant posts on the website.

By showing links underneath the post, you can make your reader stay for longer period.

Related Posts via Taxonomies

Related Posts via Taxonomies Plugin

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This plugin works well for all varieties of WordPress websites and shows all the related posts immediately after every single post that gets uploaded to the website.

This Plugin is Best WordPress Related Posts Plugins and provides a wide range of options through which users set the display type and exclude some custom posts that shouldn’t be displayed on the website.

Related Posts Via Categories

Related Posts Via Categories Plugin

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This WordPress plugin will display the list of related posts for the specific category. In Auto display mode, the related posts are depicted instantly after the current post and users can disable it to manually enter the title of related posts. Users can further organize or arrange the related posts as per the published date, related scores and modified date.

ELI’s Related Posts Footer Links and Widget

ELI's Related Posts Footer Links and Widget

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This ELI’s WordPress plugin will display links to a certain number of posts that are similar in context to the current post and the relevant posts are grabbed either by tags or based on the categories.

By default, the links get displayed below every post or users can even place the widget at any position on the sidebar.

SEO Auto Links and Related Posts

SEO Auto Links and Related Posts Plugin

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This plugin automatically creates links for the related posts that are displayed at the end of the article. And the related posts are gathered from the website by considering content in the articles, tags and meta keywords. The links generated for related posts can be displayed in a stylish way by choosing anyone layout style from the 8 built-in layouts.

Better Related

Better Related Plugin

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This plugin is compatible with WordPress and it even helps users in finding related posts of different custom post types. The plugin is well documented and supports internationalization which means the plugin info can be translated into many different languages. The related posts can be even added to the RSS feeds such that every subscriber can receive it.

Related Posts by Zemanta

Related Posts by Zemanta Plugin

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This WordPress plugin will enhance your website traffic by 10%. This brings new visitors to your website and will even improve unique visits to the website. Users can pinpoint various posts that must be placed under the related posts category. With this plugin, users can share the content onto high-quality websites.

All Related Posts

All Related Posts Plugin

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This plugin provides the site administrators with a widget that displays a specific number of related posts depending on the user’s behavior.  This All Related Posts plugin will coordinate with several other plugins available on your website to display related posts in a stylish way. The content on the plugin’s admin interface can be localized into different languages like Dutch, Slovak and Traditional Chinese.

Efficient Related Posts

Efficient Related Posts Plugin

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This WordPress plugin will automatically find the related posts on the website which get added at the bottom of posts. This plugin will effectively work with all WordPress websites and it doesn’t matter even if your website contains 1000’s of tags and posts, but still the plugin gathers all relevant posts.

Manual Related Posts

Manual Related Posts Plugin

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On installing this plugin onto your website, users can manually pick few posts that must be linked to every post. Stop displaying the random related posts that may distract the user’s attention by selecting few posts available on the website. With just a few tabs in the plugin settings, users can effectively depict the posts on the website.

Related Posts – Beautiful & Customizable

Related Posts - Beautiful & Customizable Plugin

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This plugin will show all the related pages and posts to the visitors on an attractive interface that can be customized further based on the requirements of site administrator. To match perfectly with their blog’s look, users can personalize the colours and font of different text elements of the “Related Posts & Pages” box.

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