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Top 30+ WordPress Media Gallery Plugins

WordPress Media Gallery Plugins is designed to display multiple galleries, screenshots and images in an organized and fashionable way. It will be a challenging task for you to choose from hundreds of media gallery plugins. Hence, we have compiled only the topmost WordPress plugins that lets you upload bulk images without any issues.

These plugins will help you add more media and effects to your simple WordPress portfolio or websites efficiently. Choose the best plugin to make your site look cool and impressive. These plugins will definitely improve your site traffic over the web by building a good online presence. It’s now time to explore the WordPress Media Gallery Plugins listed in this post.

Instagram feed – photo & video gallery for WordPress

Instagram feedinGallery allows you to display any Instagram media on your website in highly customizable galleries. User friendly, flexible, customizable – it’s an essential plugin to show your website visitors your life stream, portfolio, travel pictures or anything else you can imagine. You cn build a responsive gallery and manage gallery style easily with intuitive visual editor. No programming knowledge required and can create stunning and beautiful galleries with outstanding visual gallery builder.You can control what Instagram content to show from indicated sources by filtering them using 2 types of filters: filter of except sources and a filter of show only sources.

instagram feed wordpress

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Easy Media Gallery

Easy Media Gallery WordPress Plugin

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This is an ultimate WordPress gallery plugin with highest number of downloads and comes packed with essential features to match your taste and requirement. With this plugin, you can easily build your own portfolio, media gallery and photo albums. You can alter the positions, colours, grid, media sizes and hover effect with user-friendly control panel. It supports different media formats and lets you embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Veoh, MetaCafe, Livestream, Google Video etc.

Filterable jQuery Portfolio/Gallery

Filterable jQuery Portfolio Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This plugin enables you to show off your images, documents, videos or portfolio beautifully under filterable tabs. If you already have a simple portfolio then you can transform it to a jQuery powered WordPress themes gallery. It comes with PrettyPhoto gallery for PDF, video and image preview. This plugin supports Vimeo, YouTube and QuickTime videos.

Photoswipe for NextGEN Gallery

Photoswipe for NextGEN Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This WordPress plugin is designed for Android, Blackberry and iPhone devices. Install and activate the plugin for integrating Photoswipe with NextGEN Gallery. It provides your visitors a best browsing experience as they can swipe on the mobile device for navigating and pinch on the device for zooming the gallery for a better view. The gallery on the device is automatically rotated from the direction the visitors view it.

Grand Flagallery

Grand Flagallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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It’s an amazing and powerful media gallery content plugin that has been designed to help you showcase your products or events in a best way. You can upload images and add descriptions for each image using this plugin. It allows you to create photo gallery, music and video playlists as well. It features Nivo slider, banner rotator, MP3 player, search engine optimization, FeedBerner and Google Reader comaptibilty.

AutoNav Graphical Navigation and Gallery Plugin

AutoNav Graphical Navigation and Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This WordPress plugin enables you to create image directories, list or tables of pages, taxonomies, thumbnails, custom post types, attachments and links to various posts. It is highly customizable to suit your needs. Use filters for selecting posts or pages. This plugin automatically resizes the thumbnails and galleries of pictures that are added in every page due to its default setting or with the size specified for each page.

NextGEN Download Gallery

NextGEN Download Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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NextGEN Download Gallery WordPress plugin is designed for trade and media related websites. This flexible plugin is also useful for journalists and photographers to help them download several images from the gallery with ease. It comes with a simple admin panel that facilitates you in creating albums and galleries.

Document Gallery

Document Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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Document Gallery plugin will enable you in building a gallery of documents or non-image attachments for posts and pages. This gallery can be easily shared among others without any hassles. It comes loaded with powerful features so that it can be integrated with other plugins. You need a little bit knowledge on CSS for customizing the plugin to get it matched with the appearance of your theme.

Gallery Bank

Gallery Bank -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This is one of the best premium gallery WordPress plugin for creating photo galleries to your sites. Gallery Bank plugin allows you to upload images in an album and offers you editing, deleting, adding, organizing and sorting options for the images. This responsive plugin will adapt on any mobile device. It comes packed with lots of features and few of them are user-friendly Ajax WordPress themes admin, multiple shortcodes, responsive gallery, cover page, pagination option and bulk delete option. It supports videos and translation ready.

Slideshow Gallery

Slideshow Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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Slideshow Gallery WordPress plugin enables you to show off numerous galleries in a stylish way on your website. You can display slide galleries and custom added slides for your posts or pages. It’s very easy to embed the slideshow gallery after configuring each and every aspect of it. Choose from the different ways for embedding the slideshow with all slides into the text of posts and pages.

Media Library Assistant

Media Library Assistant -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This plugin offers you various enhancements to manage media library efficiently. If you want to add media library items or images in a page, post and custom post type then you need to use the [mla_gallery] shortcode. It fully supports taxonomies and features enhanced search meta box. This flexible plugin can integrate with other plugins as well as Jetpack and Photonic Gallery.

File Gallery

File Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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File Gallery WordPress plugin enables you to add several galleries for each post with custom attachment order. This plugin is completely integrated with tinyMCE visual editor. It allows you to copy items from media library to the current post as well as detach items from the post. File Gallery plugin features a flexible templating system, media tags, gallery pagination, custom fields and caching. It is also compatible with Media Tags, WPML Multilingual CMS and WordPress Mobile Edition plugins.

Media Categories

Media Categories -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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With this plugin, you can narrow down your search for a particular category as you type. This plugin allows you to simply assign categories to media using a category meta box for searchable process. Media Categories plugin supports attachment taxonomy in order to add a metabox to attachment editor.

Post Video Players, Slideshow Albums, Photo Galleries and Music / Podcast Playlist

Post video players, slideshow albums, photo galleries and music podcast playlist

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This is an ultimate plugin designed to satisfy all your needs without any need of purchasing additional plugins for your WordPress media. You can upload photo galleries, music, playlists, podcasts, slideshows and videos without any hassles. Choose from 44 different skins and multiple customization options for colours, text and size. It features HTML5 and responsive design to make your site easily fit on desktop computer, tablets, laptop, smartphones and other android devices.

Eazyest Gallery

Eazyest Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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Eazyest Gallery WordPress plugin is a successor of Lazyest Gallery and people who are using Lazyest Gallery can update to this modern plugin. This plugin features slideshows, widgets, folders, subfolders, shortcodes etc. You can manage the discussion settings by switching on/off the folder by allowing them to comment on your posts.  The folders and images get indexed when you open the Eazyest Gallery menu saving you from adding folders and uploading images to the WordPress media manager.

Gmedia Gallery

Gmedia Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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If you want to create stunning galleries and playlists for your website then Gmedia Gallery WordPress plugin would be a perfect solution for you. With this plugin, you can easily display photo slideshows, image galleries and manage multiple files. You can upload numerous images and audio files and add tags for every file. It offers you unlimited customization options for your galleries to make it look more beautiful on iPad, iPhone, tablets and other devices.

NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This is one of the popular WordPress plugins that comes with a powerful engine to help you upload galleries consisting of multiple images and manage them with ease. You can add, delete, sort and reorganize the images to match your needs. It also lets you to edit thumbnails, import meta data and group galleries to form albums.

Cool Video Gallery

Cool Video Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This video gallery plugin for WordPress will allow you to add and manage YouTube videos in various galleries. It features multiple video upload, playback option for videos, shortcode generator, Google XML Video Sitemap generation and TinyMCE integration. The bulk videos or galleries can be deleted at once and you can also include description or titles for galleries. Currently, this plugin supports .mp3, .mp4, .m4v, .mov and .flv video files.

Really Simple Gallery Widget

Really Simple Gallery Widget -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This plugin simply adds a widget for showcasing your images from posts, pages, media gallery or set of attachment IDs. It comes packed with tons of configurable options to suit your website style. You can reorder the images and show or hide the caption for each image. This plugin allows you to add widgets at any location of your site without any hassles.

NextCellent Gallery

NextCellent Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This WordPress plugin is designed for providing an alternate solution to the older NextGEN users for keeping their site updated. It offers backward compatibility until version 1.9.13. You can easily manage and administer images and folders using NextCellent Gallery plugin. It features thumbnail management, watermarks, centralized gallery management, slideshow galleries and thumbnail galleries. This plugin is beneficial for those users who have already installed NextGEN galleries.

Video Gallery

Video Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This is an ultimate WordPress plugin that comes loaded with essential features and full of customization options. You can easily install the plugin without any hassles and start adding audio as well as self hosted videos and videos hosted on YouTube, Amazon, Vimeo etc. It is fully responsive, touch enabled and WordPress 3.8 ready. Video Gallery plugin works great on all popular web browsers.

Price: $19.00

Fancy Gallery

Fancy Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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Fancy Gallery WordPress plugin features multiple layouts and hover effect variations. Install this plugin for creating your own gallery for posts, pages and widgets within few minutes. You can simply drag and drop the images in a folder to create numerous albums. This plugin includes auto thumbnail, user friendly Ajax admin panel, widgets, different colour themes and navigation types. It supports FancyBox, custom Inline Gallery and Prettyphoto.

Price: $25.00

Thumbnail Gallery

Thumbnail Gallery -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This is one of the best WordPress plugin that is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets and other mobile devices as well as popular web browsers. Thumbnail Gallery plugin will let you add gallery to your blogs or websites which can be resized and customized to match your needs. You can embed Vimeo & YouTube videos and HTML or flash content into your WordPress website.

Price: $18.00

NACHO Lightbox

NACHO Lightbox -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This amazing WordPress plugin allows you to show off galleries, images and videos in a professional way. You need to use shortcode generator or media manager present in the editor for creating galleries. It comes with retina graphics and responsive grid layout including an adjustable number of columns to accommodate your multiple images and make it look sharp on different devices. Your visitors can swipe and tap on the mobile devices to view images.

Price: $17.00

Image&Video FullScreen Background

Image&Video FullScreen Background -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This multipurpose WP plugin can be utilized as full screen multimedia gallery, full screen multimedia background and full width multimedia slider with video and images. It is highly customizable and supports Android and IOS operating systems. It features video tutorial to help you create video background, full width slider and background with images and also guides you with the installation process of the plugin.

Price: $18.00

WP Auto Albums

WP Auto Albums -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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This plugin scans a folder containing multiple images, levels and folders to automatically generate a responsive grid gallery. You can create unlimited folders inside a folder and the plugin considers this as albums with images. WP Auto Albums plugin is fully responsive and features CSS3 effects, lightbox with slideshow, navigation bar, hover effect and thumbnail support.

Price: $18.00


PopupPress -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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PopupPress is an awesome WordPress plugin that is compatible with image, audio and video gallery. This plugin helps you create overlapping windows and allows you to display your product images, notifications, advertising banners, product description, messages, work portfolio, contact forms etc. It is equipped with slider, Lightbox and advanced meta boxes for inserting content.

Price: $26.00

Responsive Facebook Albums

Responsive Facebook Albums -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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Responsive Facebook Albums plugin can be easily integrated on any WordPress website. This Ajax driven WordPress plugin allows you to showcase the photo album gallery of the saved Facebook user profile. For this, you just need to use a shortcode. It features Lightbox to let users simply scroll through the images. Make use of this plugin’s exhaustive documentation if you encounter any issues with it.

Price: $15.00

Instagram Recent Photos Widget

Instagram Recent Photos Widget -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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Display photos from your Instagram account onto your WordPress website using this plugin. It will take only few minutes of your time for installing and setting up this plugin. And then you have to enter your username and choose the display settings for getting it running out of the box. It comes with tinyMCE shortcode plugin to display your widget on posts, pages and any custom post types.

Price: $9.00

WP Elastic Grid

WP Elastic Grid -WordPress Media Gallery Plugin

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WP Elastic Grid is a fully responsive WordPress plugin that is basically designed with the inspiration of Google image search. This plugin utilizes thumbnail grid for showcasing your images and supports .JPG, .PNG and .GIF image files. Hover direction, filter effects, multi grid, taggable, shortcode and multi link are the prominent features of this plugin. It is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE9 and IE10 browsers.

Price: $15.00

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