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WordPress is a very popular open source blogging platform that comes with certain tools that effectively contribute towards enhancing its functionality. Of the fifteen thousand odd plugins that the platform is associated with, the manual plugin is amongst the most important plugins, especially because it helps in understanding the WordPress platform and assists users operating its various tools.

Using the various features that are associated with the WordPress platform is no easy task. Every plugin that is supported by the WordPress platform has its own unique features and functionalities. In fact, almost every one of the 15,000 plugins that the platform supports, has been developed for a specific purpose to perform a specific function. Moreover, existing plugins are frequently updated and upgraded in order to enhance functionalities. Hence, it is important to know the various aspects and features of plugins that are important, especially when it comes to creating a WordPress blog or website.

The WordPress Manual Plugin is one such plugin that helps to form an understanding of various features of different plugins in that are supported by the open source blogging platform

If you’ve developed a manual or document that specifies various features of plugins that are supported by a particular version of WordPress, the WordPress Manual plugin automatically updates you about the new features that have been incorporated in the newer WordPress version. The WordPress Manual Plugin comes with built in video tutorials that help in developing a thorough understanding of the functions associated with a particular version of WordPress. It contains more than a hundred screenshots and nearly eighty written pages about the various functionalities of a particular version of the WordPress platform. Also, every single button on the visual editor toolbar is elucidated in order to help users to develop a thorough insight.

The most celebrated aspect about this plugin is that it doesn’t need to be upgraded.

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