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Calendar Events WordPress Plugin

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Developed by KieranOShea, the Calendar is one of the top downloaded plugins for calendar events management. It is by far, an efficient, yet uncomplicated and simple plugin built for WordPress platform to manage all events associated with your website. The host of characteristics added to the plugin includes display of events on monthly basis and details therein at the click of mouse that have both timestamp and author information as optional.

Events can be either long, spanning over few days or short lasting for few hours, and possibility of multiple events display is available. Most importantly, all the recurring events can be set on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly format or they can be custom set. The calendar plugin offers administration dashboard, a side bar function or widget, number of days the event to be shown, announcement on upcoming events, optional pull down menu to change the calendar dates, creation of user groups to manage events outside the administration control, setting of event categories with switchable feature, popup calendar help for selecting dates, linking the event to a location of user’s preference over and above international compatibility and many more.

Calendar is among the most comprehensive event management plugins. Installation of Calendar is as simple as its downloading which can take only few seconds. You should start with uploading the plugin into the directory of WordPress plugins. Then activate the calendar plugin on WordPress plugins page followed by configuring the Calendar using administration panel. Finally, edit or add pages to your website or blog. You would see that the Calendar is in display instantaneously.

The calendar is currently running download version of 1.3.1, has seen over three hundred thousand downloads so far. It received comprehensive 4 star rating. A word of caution: Compatible up to WordPress version 3.2.1, the Calendar was last updated little over two years ago.

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