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10+ Best WordPress Bootstrap Plugins

Bootstrap is a toolkit developed by Twitter using HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages. It provides a front-end framework for the developers using which they can easily craft user interface for different web applications and even the websites that run on WordPress CMS. There are several Bootstrap WordPress Plugins that directly adds the front-end framework to the websites.

Mostly these WordPress Bootstrap plugins will work with all latest browsers and they even comprise several design components such as forms, buttons, menus etc which can be easily deployed onto the website.

WordPress Bootstrap CSS

WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS -WordPress Twitter plugin

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This WordPress BootStrap plugin will easily add some amazing CSS and JavaScript libraries to the WordPress website. This plugin works effectively with all types of WordPress themes and with the help of few quick shortcodes, users can easily add Twitter BootStrap elements to their WordPress website.

Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes

Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes -WordPress Bootstrap plugin

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It’s one of the simplest BootStrap plugin available for WordPress users. This plugin will quickly add some beautiful icons to the WordPress editor. And by ticking on the editor icon, users can easily add the BootStrap style to the WordPress website. The grid size can be customized completely in order to fit the small and medium-sized screens.

Bootstrap Admin

Bootstrap Admin -WordPress Bootstrap plugin

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This BootStrap Admin plugin will revamp your administration area to the maximum extent and it will quickly adjust with any kind of WordPress theme that carry a clean, style and minimalistic theme. To completely rebrand your WordPress administration area, install this striking WordPress plugin.


Bootstrap -WordPress Bootstrap plugin

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This Bootstrap WordPress plugin can be effectively used in the quick development of web-based applications and websites. By utilizing this WordPress plugin, users can quickly embed some amazing Bootstrap scripts and additional stylesheets onto the webpage. Through this plugin, users can even restrict loading few unnecessary files and select only required components on the website.

CPT Bootstrap Carousel

CPT Bootstrap Carousel -WordPress Bootstrap plugin

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This WordPress plugin will depict a Bootstrap image slider through which users can easily depict the custom post types of unique images and content. The slider can be positioned on the website through a shortcode. With the help of few shortcode options, site users can decide whether to display the text caption relevant to image or not. Even the order in which the posts must be displayed can be set from the settings options.

Bootstrap for WordPress Plugin

Bootstrap for WordPress plugin

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Install this Bootstrap plugin to quickly boost up your WordPress website. It was designed by Twitter to help the developers in crafting web applications and website with ease. Bootstrap plugin will work effectively for designers of all skill levels. The plugin was originally built to support all modern browsers but later it evolved to work well with all kinds of tablets and smartphones.

Twitter Bootstrap Slider

Twitter Bootstrap Slider -WordPress Bootstrap plugin

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This WordPress plugin will quickly add an image slider to the web pages. For an easier development of websites, this plugin supports a powerful and striking front-end framework. The plugin supports a stunning image slider that is empowered by the Bootstrap’s Carousel component. The image slider on the website will effectively display all your images in a stunning way.

WP Bootstrap Menu

WP Bootstrap Menu -WordPress Bootstrap plugin

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This WordPress Bootstrap menu plugin will easily convert the traditional navigation menu to the Twitter-powered Bootstrap style. The plugin is adaptable to an advanced version such as Bootstrap 2.2.2 and it even supports submenu.

Bootstrap Shortcodes

Bootstrap Shortcodes -WordPress Bootstrap plugin

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This Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin will embed different Twitter-based Bootstrap components on the website and the entire implementation of components onto the website is done through TinyMCE rich editor. Users can quickly add the shortcodes to the website.

Bootstrap Collapse

Bootstrap Collapse -WordPress Bootstrap plugin

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The Bootstrap Collapse WordPress plugin will embed the Twitter Collapse plugin directly on to the WordPress website through shortcodes. Further, the site users can even alter the color of accordion based on their preferences. In order to change the color, the site developers need to access the plugin settings page.

Genesis Bootstrap Carousel

Genesis Bootstrap Carousel -WordPress Bootstrap plugin

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This Bootstrap Carousel plugin will insert an attractive image carousel to depict all the featured images along with descriptions for every post that gets added to the website. The image carousel created by the plugin is responsive and works fine on all kinds of devices. With few helpful options, users can even set the category from which the posts must be grabbed and they can further set the dimension of the slideshow to make it appear bit attractive.

Bootstrap Buttons

Bootstrap Buttons -WordPress Bootstrap plugin

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Quickly add some Twitter powered Bootstrap button to your website by installing this Bootstrap buttons WordPress plugin. With a simple shortcode, users can add this plugin to the WordPress website.

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