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A WordPress Spam Plug-in is a spam comment restricting tool, controlling every automatic spam comment that a user is subjected to. The positive implications of this feature is guaranteed, there are no fake positives.

The Plug-in first came into circulation in September, 2007 in response to the huge amount of automated spam in motion. A plug-in that could counter spam comments, massive visitor congestion and dangerous spam assaults was the need of the hour. Since its inception, these plug-ins have developed by leaps and bounds, developing as a capable mechanism to respond to any amount of spam and congestion. But what makes the WordPress spam plug-ins so effective?

  • The spam plug-ins are effective primarily because of the fact that they obstruct all the automatic spam comments
  • It consists of localized manual spam and restricts policies with the local Internet Protocol Addresses.
  • It also consists of globalized manual spam and restricts policies with remote Internet Protocol Addresses
  • Database load is virtually nil under conditions of heavy spam count
  • Provides for no false positives
  • It also provides an option to remove HTML from the comments
  • It does not include the CAPTCHA feature
  • Provides for effective utilization of time and cuts down on one’s cost by preventing the need to vacate the spam folder
  • Most importantly, it has ensured over 166000 blogs which are spam free and the numbers are only increasing by the day.

WordPress spam plug-ins make life easier. It provides for a satisfying experience for the millions of users logged onto the web daily. Just like the kidneys and the intestines are essential for expelling waste from the body, WordPress spam plug-ins are necessary to throw away the waste from our pages. Listed below are certain plug-ins which effectively serves this purpose



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There is a reason why Akismet is mentioned right at the beginning- it is the best in the category of WordPress plug-ins. Packaged with WordPress, the set up of this plug-in requires a registration key but once that is done, the set up process is fairly simple and straightforward. This plug-in provides excellent protection from spam in WordPress.

BC Spam Block


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This plug-in, though not as efficient as Akismet is still a good bet for eradicating spam and preventing them from cropping up again. Utilizing the Java script, these plug-ins sieve out spam in a very isolated and discrete manner. Stealth and strength are the main proponents of these plug-ins. Those users who do not have access to Java Script need to prove their genuineness via a CAPTCHA exercise.

Comment Spam Trap


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A lethal anti-spam plug-in, this deals a twofold blow by placing a concealed spam file and a similar but necessary CAPTCHA exercise. This shrewd mechanism ensures that the fatal spam files expose themselves and get blocked. It also keeps tracking spam and notifies the user via an email regarding the files and programs it blocks.

Did you clear Math Plug-in?

The name says it all. A very simple plug-in type which requires a user to find the solution to an elementary mathematical problem. If the user is unable to solve the problem, he/she is considered to be a bot and the comments are automatically blocked. It is simple and yet effective with no requirement for configuration at all.

JS Spam Block


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This plug-in makes use of the Java Scripts to sort out spam files and their potentially harmful comments. The legitimacy of browsers is determined by inserting the number given. It serves as a “Go-to” option for users not having access to Java Scripts.

Custom Anti Spam


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This plug-in employs a full CAPTCHA based anti-spam activities for WordPress users. It asks all people who comment to identify a random word before posting their comments. The words are also depicted visually and can be customized accordingly.

RE-CAPTCHA plug-in


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An innovative plug-in in which words from ancient texts are provided and the users need to construe their meaning accurately. It utilizes the RE-CAPTCHA services provided in social networking sites. The advantage of this is that it modernizes ancient texts while the disadvantage at the same time is that this plug-in needs a key to work with.

Referrer Bouncer Plug-in


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This Plug-in provides solid defense against log spam. It is very user-friendly and requires minimal or no configuration whatsoever. Like the bouncers in pubs and discotheques who are only focused on weeding out the bad agents from any group, that too without any fuss in a smooth and efficient manner, the referrer bouncer plug-ins too expel the referrer spam without any major modifications or alterations.

Trackback Validation


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Trackback spam is similar to comment spam but avoid some of the defense mechanisms designed to counter the effect of comment spam. These plug-ins provide for good defense against such trackback spam. It is the best alternative to deal with trackback spam, is easy to configure and provides the option of deleting or prohibiting spam trackbacks.

Spam Free


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An extremely useful plug-in in WordPress, it abolishes comment spam, log spam and pingback spam. This plug-in has multifarious features such as no CAPTCHA, contract form free of spam and a counter with a count on the amount of spam blocked.

WP-Hash Cash


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A CAPTCHA oriented WordPress spam plug-in which asserts that it is completely effective and reliable in restricting all kinds of spam and fake comments. Also restricts most of the trackback and XML-RPC requests or pingback spam.

These are one of the best WordPress spam plug-ins in the market today. Of course there are others like the Spammer Blocker and the Word Verify but the ones mentioned here are of supreme quality. With the amalgamation of all these plug-ins, one’s WordPress page would be free of spam and his/her experience will become more enriching and satisfying.

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