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Top 15 WordPress Migrate Plugins

Sometimes it’s required to transfer data from one WordPress blog to another for restructuring content, backing up information or for just creating an entirely new blog. Either way these top plugins will help you import and export data with ease and let you transfer and migrate data to your hard disk or blog.

Copy post

Copy post wordpress plugin.jpg

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Copy the contents, tags and comments from one site to another using this plugin.


Duplicator wordpress plugin

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As the name suggests, this top plugin enables you to duplicate, clone or copy a section or the entire database from an existing website to new one with the utmost ease.

EP comments export

EP comments export wordpress plugin

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Ever though it would be possible to export the comments on your wordpressblog site along with your content? Well with this plugin you should surely be able to do that. Use the plugin to transfer comments and comment meta data to other sites or to your computer.

JSON options

JSON options wordPress plugins

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The plugin enables you to easily export and import data and lets you migrate information with multiple filters. You can export either cut or copy or just download the files.

Move to subsite

Move to subsite wordpress plugin

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No longer need the information on the front page? Or just need to move content in hierarchical subfolders? Well, you can do both and much more use this amazing plugin that enables transfer of data effortlessly.

Blogger Blogspot To WordPress Redirection

Blogger Blogspot To WordPress Redirection wordpress plugin

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Transfer blogger permalinks to your current WordPress site using this plugin.

mPress Fix URL References

mpress fix URL references wordpress plugin

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When migrating from other platforms, it is common to have the URL information and link reference problems in the process. But with the help of this plugin, you shall have no such trouble.wordpress.org/…/mpress-fix-url-references

Migrate site settings

Migrate site settings wordpress plugin

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Wouldn’t it be easier to save the settings during a migration transfer and then to use it again for other data transfer? Well, this plugin lets you do exactly that allowing you to transfer data flawlessly to multiple sites.

Permalink finder plugin

Permalink finder plugin

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Tired of getting the error 404 page not found on your webpage, then this plugin should help you out pretty well. The plugin will find relevant information from other pages if the page looking for has crashed.

Prestashop user compatibility

Prestashop user compatibility wordpress plugin

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This plugin is extremely useful if you’re migrating from a PrestaShop framework to WordPress. The plugin rehashes the passwords of users beforehand before migrating into the WordPress installation.


Sitepush wordpress plugin.jpg

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This completely flexible plugin enables you to move and copy information and database files from one website to another with ease without loss of much data. You can also use it to test new themes and plugins.

SLRedirect plugin

Rediect plugin wordpress plugin

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The plugin comes in very handy if you’re migrating from sites other WordPress in which occasion URL reference get misplaced and result in a page not found errors. The plugin automatically redirects urls to their appropriate locations.

WP live server deploy

WP live server deploy wordpress plugin

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The process of migrating information from one site to another giving you headaches, then this plugin should really make the process easier. You can also choose which data to upload and which data to not using this plugin.

WP migrate DB

wp migrate db wordpress plugin

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This simple to use plugin can be utilized to effectively transfer your database files to a new location. The plugin exports data as MySQL dump files and perform a URL check to find and replace existing data to your computer.

WordPress move

Wordpress move wordpress plugin

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If you’re worried about losing information overtime, then this plugin is the perfect thing for you. It allows you to backup information and restores to a previously stored time. Also , he plugin enables the installation to be migrated from one server to another.

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