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3 Plugins for Artisteer

Artisteer has been the preferred tool for many developers and designers across the globe, and many cool looking blogs and web templates are a result of Artisteer. With the help of some plugins for artiseer, you can multiply the capabilities of artisteer manifolds, and create differentiated WordPress blogs and templates. This article intends to connect you with three plugins that will certainly put you on the fast lane to success with your designing using Artisteer.

Artisteer Custom Sidebar Generator

Artiseer Custom Sidebar Generator

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With sidebars, you add the oomph factor to your templates, apart from allowing several layers of functionality to your users. With shortcodes at your disposal, creating new sidebars, in as many numbers as you deem necessary, is easy as a breeze. Moreover, if you can somehow get your hands on the Templater add on for Artisteer, then you can use many more options by replacing primary as well as the secondary sidebars with any sidebars of your choice. Also, you have the liberty to assign unique looks to sidebars using CSS classes.

Artisteer Buddy

Artisteer Buddy.jpg

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If you want to remove the ‘comments are closed’ indicator from below the comments field, or the HTML attributes from the comments field, then the Artisteer Buddy plugin will serve you well. You can easily disable comments from pages, and add thumbnails of your choice to RSS feeds. Moreover, adding simple pagination to themes is very easily managed with the Artisteer Buddy plugin.



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Sometimes, you’d feel the need of customizing the designs of a WordPress theme exported with Artisteer, after it is activated as a WordPress project. In such scenarios, the Microthemer plugin will add the desired features to WordPress and Artisteer so that you have the desired liberty of customization. Use this plugin and you’ll not feel the need of finding another as far as customizing themes is concerned.

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