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‘Bulletproof security’ WordPress plugin is as cool as it sounds. If you are a paranoid web-space security freak, this is the plugin for you. A word of caution though-using this plugin requires a certain amount of technological know-how. However, even if you are not a techie, you’ll find that this plugin will satisfy your basic requirements for website security in a fully effective and efficient manner.

Basically, bulletproof security acts like a security guard against common hacking attempts via CRLF, Base64, XSS, RFI, Code Injection and SQL injection etc. It uses the .htaccess security protection to give you a very strong security system for a WordPress website. Hacker and malicious scripts are abated by this system even before they can run in the php coding area.

Quick, efficient and easy to install, bulletproof security is one of the most highly rated web page security protection plugins available for WordPress. It is compatible up to version 3.5 and requires 3.0 or higher. Besides the One-Click Website Maintenance Mode, it provides for more website security checks which run through the site database and gives the user a list of DB errors, checks, file and folder permission, information of the system, the memory usage etc.

For editing, uploading and downloading, it also has built in .htaccess file functions. One of the best things about bulletproof security plugin is that you don’t need to go to your site via the Web Host Control panel or FTP, and it lets you add .htaccess site protection from your dashboard itself. Another good thing about this plugin is that it lets you create, access and work on your custom website in maintenance mode while the visitors will see a “503 Website under maintenance” message whenever they visit.

Compatible with multisite, sub-domain and sub-directory websites, bulletproof gives you the additional protection that you wish you had with your existing plugin.

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