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Security checks form a basic routine of a WordPress website developer. A security check will inform you if you are safe enough or if you need to strengthen your website defenses. Many developers want a basic security check plugin so as not to clog their web-traffic. You might want a simple security scan sans all the additional security protection which is hyped so much and which basically just adds extra weight to your website efficiency.

WP plugin Security check is one such simple-basic easy to install plugin. It is easy to code, decode and alter to fit your requirement. It essentially checks for loopholes in your security system and reports anything that looks suspicious or requires maintenance or additional security. It checks your plugins to determine various bad practices which might expose your WordPress website to known security risks.

It is up-to date and is compatible up to 3.1.4 and requires a version 3.1 or higher. There is no point arguing the fact that WP Plugin Security Check is not one of the professional all encompassing Security Check WordPress Plugins but unlike the other security plugins with extra and ultra-extra security features, it does not complicate your security levels and is definitely one of the most light weighted plugins available in the market.

The only flaw being that unless it is backed up with other security measures, it is quite susceptible to security breaches which might lead to exploitation of your WordPress website. But even if you install other security features via other such basic plugins you might end up with a lot less memory usage and load than what a single security check WordPress plugin would have left you with.

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