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10 Best Anti Spam WordPress Plugins

Spamming is a big problem with all WordPress sites; therefore it is necessary that you invest in one of the top Anti Spam WordPress Plugin. Here is a list of some of the Best Anti Spam WordPress articles that you can choose from. With these plugins in place, you can keep spammers at bay, enjoying top notch website security.


Akismet Plugin

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Akismet checks through all the comments in your comments section and lets you review the ones that are flagged as spam. You can review them in the administrator’s screen and then choose which ones should be displayed and which should not be displayed.


Si Captcha

Si Captcha Plugin

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This anti spam plugin adds captcha to all forms, so that the user has to fill out the code shown in the image before they register, post a comment or login. It is a great plugin and is compatible with wordpress.

Anti spam

Anti spam Plugin

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This great plugin automatically spam’s comments, invisibly, for users and administrators. This is because the developers of this plugin believe that spamming is not the user’s problem, so they shouldn’t have to enter captcha every time. It is really easy to install and update.

WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam

WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam Plugin

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This is a great anti spam plugin which ensures that all your commenter’s are human. The plugin acts like a firewall and prevent spamming without captcha, unlimited questions or in any way being an inconvenience to visitors.


Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam

Peter's Custom Anti-Spam Plugin

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This is a great plugin which is really easy to use and install. It requires no cookies and no JavaScript. The plugin uses the captcha technology wherein the user has to enter the code which is shown in the image that is provided.

Anti-spam by CleanTalk

Anti-spam by CleanTalk Plugin

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This is a truly amazing anti spam plugin by Clean Talk. It stops all spam bots in the comments, in the registrations and also provides invisible anti spam protection to its users. It does not use mathematics problems, questions and answers or captcha.

AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter

AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter Plugin

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This plugin provides unique and interesting captchas to secure your wordpress pages. Its anti spam filter includes blocking the spam and filtering posted comments. It also has a new feature called the spam counter which tells you the magnitude of the spamming activity.

Spam Destroyer

Spam Destroyer Plugin

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This plugin is easy to use and install and it lets you enjoy a spam free website. The plugin stops unwanted spammers to post and it is not currently available for user registrations, bbPress and BuddyPress.

Spam Protection

Spam Protection Plugin

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This is a really easy to use plugin and it is very effective as it reduces spamming by up to 90%. It lets you set a specific time limit within which a user cannot post comments. It even lets you choose custom messages that are displayed on the user’s screen.



Magento Plugin

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This is a great plugin which does not use captcha to stop spamming. This plugin helps you save time by sending every review that is posted to Akismet. At Akismet, the review goes through almost a hundred tests and if it passes them all, the review is posted on the website.


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