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Top 12 Calendar WordPress Plugins

Plugins and software are necessary for making your wordpress website administration quicker and more convenient. Regulate the timing and scheduling aspects for your visitors with the best possible WordPress Plugins, especially meant for providing calendar referring and appointment making functions.

Select from the list of the Top Most Calendar WordPress Plugins for minimizing the scheduling hassle associated with the websites. While choosing can be tricky at times, an exhaustive list of features is provided for easing out the process.

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-one Event calendar Plugin

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This keeps track of the recurring events, aided with a JavaScript framework for making things simple. Advanced filtering along with the color coded events make this an effective plugin, while the option of having an exhaustive list of upcoming events add to the credibility.


Events Calendar

Events calendar Plugin

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An exceptionally crafted plugin which allows easy sharing and solid user interface. With this comes along a professionally built option meant for recurring events and ticket sales. The option for plug-n-play allows a higher degree of customization.


Booking Calendar

Booking calendar Plugin

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Provides an online booking system with an option for reservation and status checking services! Easy installation and availability of color codes make for a highly rewarding experience while the high end customization is charm to work with.


Event Organizer

Event organizer Plugin

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 Makes event management a seamless process to deal with, alongside the reoccurring patters and varied associated plugins! This includes a feature to organize the complex schedules along with the inclusion of Google maps and calendars.



Localendar Plugin

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 This plugin includes a grid viewing technique for a better customization followed by the drop down menu feature. Added widgets and color codes make this a highly powerful option with weather forecasting benefits.


Calpress Plugin

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A compact yet lucid interface helps manage the schedules in a proper way. Single click calendar mode is a special feature with the Fullscreen viewing. Availability of the ICS feed allows better navigation and makes this a highly effective plugin.


EventOn Plugin

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This plugin makes for a highly responsive user interface with an option for categorizing the multi-day events. Comes with the simple month navigation followed by the inclusion of recurring monthly events!



Calendarize it

Calendarize it Plugin

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A premium calendar plugin which has the option for incorporating library add-ons! This includes the visual CSS editor along with the option for downloadable content. The user friendly interface and the layout box builder allow better interoperability.



Booking System Pro

Booking system Pro Plugin

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A premium option for those looking to create websites dedicated to online booking and reservations. This is a highly responsive plugin especially built for keeping a systematic record of the events, and alongside the multilingual support.



WordPress Pro Calendar

Wordpress Pro calendar Plugin

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Here comes a plugin which has a highly responsive layout and an elegant design scheme. Better translation schemes are involved with the Google map support and high end customization. Important dates are marked in advance for easing out the process.


3C-Events Plugin

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With features involving full AJAX support and multiple formats, this plugin is an instant hit among the individuals because of its multicolored backgrounds and multiple date organizers. Shortcode support makes this a one stop solution for all scheduling worries.

WordPress Events Calendar

Wordpress events calendar Plugin

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This makes for a well documented plugin with multilingual support and ease of customization. With the elegant and sleek designs in store, this allows color coding schemes and cross browser support for using smart scheduling options.

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