Which WordPress Theme Should I Use

The ‘theme’ is basically the main ‘look’ or ‘outfit’ or the ‘skin’ of your website or blog. A more attractive, clutter free environment and a space that is easy to comprehend is far more viewer friendly and magnetic than one which isn’t.

Naturally then, a site with a good theme would attract greater traffic and would create larger profits for the owner. One needs to maximize the output of the resources put into his/her work and the trick is to create an illusion that his or her space is better and much more well done than the others.

Make the work as catchy as possible. If you can’t attract the viewer in the first 15 seconds, you probably won’t later either. Themes or templates, thus, must be chosen carefully.

Also, it is not just the presentation that is changed by changing the template, it would also dictate the amount of control you would have over the effective management and appearance of the page.

However, no theme can be classified or be distinguished as being ‘the best’ since different kinds of pages have different priorities and requirements that the layout must fulfill. Certain tips can still be kept in mind while choosing wordpress themes.

First and foremost, pick a design that is appealing to the eye and attractive so that there is a good chance of your work becoming a fashion in the cyber space!

Make it pretty and stylish. And let the beauty flow in fast. The online speed and connection supported by the theme should value your visitor’s time as well as efforts. The page should download fast and must be easily accessible.

Try designing in a way that nobody’s patience is tested. And lastly for the benefit of the visitors as well as your own, make sure that the theme has a clean code. This would make life easier for you as you add and edit your data and also the viewers would have uninterrupted access to your website/ blog/ virtual space.

WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme

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