Moving a WordPress Database to a New Server

We’ve often seen varied highly verbose to quite succinct tutorial for migrating WordPress database to new server. Most of them either lack relevant information or provide details unnecessary to the job in hand. So, here is a tutorial, bang on target, and a step by step guide for the same.

WordPress Database to a New Server

Backup the database from your old site to avoid any hiccups and preventing any loss of data in the process. You can use any of the 2 ways, using phpmyadmin or export option in the WordPress dashboard, to generate a backup file, although the export option is slicker.

Using FTP Download/Upload the WordPress files

The next step is to upload all the files including those from themes folder, plugin folder or the ones referenced outside the blog folder. If you miss anything, that may result in broken links and faulty migration.

Edit wp-config.php and create a new WordPress database

Using the MySQL Database icon in the control panel, create a new database for your new site and also create a username and password. Assign the new database the username and allow “All Privileges”. Then edit the wp-config.php to include the new settings and upload it to the root of your blog.


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