How to Wrap Text Around Images in WordPress

Images are an integral part of any wordpress site, or any website for that matter. They convey tons of information to user who don’t have the time to scroll through all the textual content. But, since wordpress uploaded images are usually smaller and web friendly, they do not fare well when presented as separate images that are hung in between texts. It makes more sense when they are presented in line with the text or when the text is wrapped around the images.

For those of you who are not exactly experts at coding, follow these simple steps and you should be able to wrap text around images in a jiffy. Assuming that you have already uploaded the images in the wordpress dashboard panel, find the location of the images in the wordpress folder that you need to insert into your content. Now go to the dashboard and start a new post as usual, and write in the text that requires to be filled in.

In the toolbar beneath the Post/Page title on the dashboard editing window, you will find two tabs named visual and code. Click on the code tab, which will take you to the code editing part of the post. The window should appear something like shown below

Wrap Text Around Images

Find the image tag for which you want the text to be wrapped around, and insert the code as shown below.

Wrap Text Around Images in WordPress

This will make the image float to the left and appear in-line with the text of the post. The padding on both the right side and bottom has to be given for a left floating image so that that the image doesn’t merge with the text but has its own space. If you require the image to float to the right of your post, all you have to do is change the float attributes to right in the coding.

But this time – be sure to give the padding on the ‘left’ and the bottom rather than the right. And there you have it, an image perfectly placed in line with the text. Once you’re done with the editing part, don’t forget to save or publish the post.

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