How to Show Author List in WordPress

This article tells you about Author Avatars List. It is a plugin which is used to display the lists of the user avatars on your blog. You can also insert single avatars for an email address or blog users. Author Avatars retrieves the user details and avatars by using the built-in wordpress functions. To insert the avatar list into your side bar, you can add a widget. If you want to insert it into your post or pages, you will need a shortcode.

The new version of the plugin makes it very easy to insert shortcodes due to the tinymce plugin. You can also do it manually. Adding [authoravatars] to your post and clicking on save, does the trick.

Author Avatars

You have access to two shortcodes with this plugin:

For inserting single avatars, use [show_avatar] after which you can configure them. Either align the avatars or change their size. For the list of avatars shortcode used is [authoravatars].

Configuration of shortcode and the widget can be done for several settings:

  • You can display only the widget, i.e. the custom title.
  • It is possible to hide certain users, so it is up to you to display the user groups.

hiddenusers: it is used to Remove users from the list.

Author Avatars

  • You can arrange the users in any order you desire.

order: this displays the order in which users are shown

  • The sizes of all the avatars can be easily altered.

                         avatar_size: this is used to alter the size of the avatar images

  • If you want, the name and the biography of any particular user can be displayed.

show_name: the names of the user is displayed beside the avatars

show_biography: the biography can be viewed beside the avatars

Author Avatars3

  • The users that you choose to show is under your control. You can show them from the current blog or from any selection of blogs.

roles: shows the users of a certain role.

limit: it gives the maximum number of avatars that are shown

  • It supports users from co-authors, BBpress and BudyPress, all for your convenience.

You can view users from multiple blogs with a simple setting. Just go to the site admin and enable “blog filter” for your choice of blog. This plugin also gives the facility to change the avatar list styling.

You can install this widget by following these steps:

  1. First upload the author-avatars folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Go to the plugins menu in wordpress
  3. Activate this plugin
  4. Go to the design/widgets page.
  5. Enable the widget and configure it.

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