How to Set-up and Install WordPress

There are two ways to install and setup WordPress on your machine-

  • The Manual method
  • The Automatic method

Installing WordPress Manually

1. Start by initiating the download of the Installation file of WordPress from the official website of WordPress- WordPress.org. To download the file, select the Download WordPress option and store it on your machine

2. After downloading the WordPress installation file, select your desired software package to extract the files.

3. In the provider of your Web Hosting Services, log-in into the control panel and formulate a MYSQL database for the installation of your WordPress files. In the MYSQL wizard under the section of databases, create a name, username and password for the database.

Set-up and Install WordPress

4. Inserting the required information for the database in the configuration file of WordPress will be your next step. To carry this out, go to the Extracted files folder which would contain the files of WordPress and in there, search for the sample configuration files for WordPress. Open that file in any of the Word Editors, procure the data for the database you just formulated and insert it into the file. After completing this, store the file.

5. Set up an FTP program and obtain Web Hosting information for proper connection to the server. Your Hostname, Username and Password would be required.

6. Ensure that you are in the Public list under the FTP program. Then, choose all the files stored in the WordPress list and shift them to the Public list. Suppose you have a website and desire to include a blog in it, make a new list and save the files in that list.

7. Finally, all you require to do is to run the WordPress installation file which would be accessible under the name of your Domain since you stored it under the Public list under the FTP program. Enter all the necessary information required and WordPress would have been successfully installed on your machine.

Installing WordPress Automatically

If your Web Server provides for the Fantastico software,

1. Open the program on your server

2. Under the list of options, choose WordPress and then select New Installation.

3. Enter the necessary details and select Install. WordPress would have been installed on your machine.

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