How to Avoid Spam in WordPress

Automated spam is not a new concept for website developers, as most of the websites allow visitors to post comments for their blog posts. This makes the website to fall victim for hackers, spammers and intruders. Fortunately, there are numerous measures available for you to protect your websites by restricting the spam comments.

Protect Spam in WordPress

Blocking the IP of spammers seems to be one of the best ways to restrict them from placing spam comments underneath your blog posts. Though spammers are clever enough to bluff you with a fake IP, but still you can track the IP visiting your website and block it by placing a small code into theme’s .htaccess file present in your blog’s root folder.

Protect Spam in WordPress

Well, the procedure works if there’s a single spammer. But in case of 1000’s of spammers, you can utilize the ‘Perishable Press’ which effectively blocks all the spammers reaching your website. ‘Perishable Press’ provides wide number of blacklists for you from which they can select anyone and insert it into the .htaccess file.

Apart from spamming the website through comments, they even steal the high quality content placed on your website. The major path through which the spammers enter into website to steal the quality content is RSS. Once you feel something suspicious and see that your content has been theft, then you need to track the site’s IP address immediately. On tracing the IP address, you have to reach the offending site’s RSS feed and place the following code in their .htaccess file. Even the images placed within the content can be copied by the spammers and placed directly on their websites, instead you can watermark the images prior to publishing them on website. The other method is to install the php Thumb and generate a shortcode that automatically resizes and watermarks all the images you upload to the website.

Protect Spam in WordPress

The spam can even be controlled by installing some external plugins. Spam Master is one such top plugin that protects the website by blocking post comments posted by the unknown and malicious domains and IP’s that are listed on the anti-spam list.

This plugin is BuddyPress supportive and provides statistical information on regular basis to ensure that you are aware of spamming bots and unauthorized users entering the website. The Spam Master plugin will further allow you to create your own protection lists which include domains and IP’s of spam bots that they detected earlier.


It’s quite easy to set up this plugin, all you need to do is to just utilize the WordPress installer and activate the plugin in admin panel. You can further personalize the settings by reaching the plugin’s official page.

Protect Spam in WordPress

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